Aetosaur Spike – Typothorax coccinarum


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Neck spike. Not just for the goth culture. The Aetosaur was rocking (lol) this look long before.

Typothorax was an aetosaur, a pseudosuchian distantly related to modern crocodilians.
Unlike modern crocodilians, aetosaurs were herbivorous.
Typothorax and other aetosaurs possess small, leaf-shaped teeth that were unsuited for a diet consisting of meat.
Unlike some aetosaurs such as Desmatosuchus, Typothorax does not have large shoulder spikes.
It does, however, have a pair of enlarged spikes on the neck projecting from the third row of scutes.
It has lateral scutes that bear horns that are posteriorly hooked along its back, while its sides and underbelly are covered with ornamented scutes.
Although fossils of aetosaurs are not as common as other Triassic archosaurs, with their armor plates being the most common, Typothorax has been represented by fewer skeletal elements than other aetosaurs.

Late Triassic
Bull Canyon Formation
Quay County, New Mexico
Huge, rare 152mm aetosaur spike. Largest we have ever had. Minor crack repair.