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Dinosaur Skull – Ornithomimus


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“The Bird Mimic”
Ornithomimus, the “bird mimic,” was a dinosaur that looked uncannily like an ostrich.
Ornithomimus not only resembled an ostrich, but it presumably behaved like an ostrich as well,meaning it could hit sustained running speeds of about 30 miles per hour.
Given its tiny head, the brain of Ornithomimus wasn’t very big in absolute terms.
However, it was above-average in size compared to the rest of this dinosaur’s body, a measure known as encephalization quotient.
The most likely explanation for Ornithomimus’ extra grey matter is that this dinosaur needed to maintain its balance at high speeds (not a small matter when you’re sprinting at 30 miles per hour!), and may have had slightly enhanced smell, sight and hearing.

Late Cretaceous
Hell Creek Formation
Wibaux County, Montana
12 inch (300mm) ornithomimid dinosaur skull. Skull has about 20% restoration. Extremely rare. Custom stand included. Email for more information.

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