Paleolimulus signatus (Beecher)

Paleolimulus signatus (Beecher)


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Based on actualistic taphonomic experiments on Limulus polyphemus, ancient horseshoe crabs and other arthropods having non-mineralized exoskeletons are inferred to have become pliable soon after death or moulting, and to have disarticulated slowly prior to burial. Extreme compression, wrinkling, and loose folding of sclerites are attributed to burial of a pliable exoskeleton.
Slow preburial disarticulation partly accounts for the exceptional preservation of Paleolimulus remains.

Upper Pennsylvanian
Wood Siding Formation – Pony Creek Shale Member
Maple Hill, Wabaunsee County, KS, USA
Unusual 30mm horseshoe crab in 30mm concretion from Kansas. First we have ever seen
Crustacean, Limuline

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