Fuxianhuia protensa


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Complete Fuxianhuia specimens are approximately 4 centimetres long.
The anterior of Fuxianhuia is encased in an oval sclerite, from which two stalked eyes emerge.
Inserting directly behind this sclerite, on the head shield proper, are two stout antennae.
When the head of Fuxianhuia was originally described, two additional head appendages, the “sub-chelate” pair were also described.
These are geniculate, backward-pointing appendages that lie in a highly stereotypical position.

Early Cambrian Eoredlichia Zone
Yu’anshan Mbr., Qiongzhusi Formation
Chengjiang, China
Large 32mm arthropod on 107mm slab. Beautiful display. Best one we have seen in several years.
Arthropod, Chengjiang

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